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Our Fair Expert Weighs In

It’s Indiana State Fair time, which means it’s time for the Indiana History Train! Since I manage the Train, I spend a LOT of time at the Fair. I was told it was selfish for me to keep all my tips and favorites to myself – so here goes! Some of these are basics, bust […]

When Disaster Strikes

Mayday. Mayday. You never want to hear that international distress signal. But when you do, you want to have a plan already in place and have experience putting the plan into action. This morning, our Archives and Library staff took part in the MAYDAY initiative begun by the Society of American Archivists and Heritage Preservation […]

Reckoning with Riverside

History Matters is a blog series where we’ll be talking about the things you’re not supposed to discuss at the dinner table – things that may make some people uncomfortable. These pieces of our history are there if you look but might not be top of mind or in a textbook. We often think of history on a larger scale, […]

Reflections on the Meaning of Statehood

Dec. 11 was the 202nd anniversary of Indiana’s Statehood. On that day, we usually send out a “Happy Birthday” message. These posts on social media are lighthearted ways to recognize the day. One popular image in Statehood day posts is this 1819 map of Indiana. This map, prepared by John Melish, was originally published in […]

Oh, Christmas Tree

Three years ago, I cried at Lowe’s. Over a Christmas tree. It was late in the tree-buying season, and my boyfriend and I headed to Lowe’s to get a tree. A real tree. None of the kids were around – two were away at college and the youngest was crazy busy with everything that happens […]

Meeting Fred Maravilla

Yesterday, I had the immense pleasure to meet one of the people featured in our exhibit Be Heard: Latino Experiences in Indiana, open through Saturday, Nov. 3. We rarely get the opportunity to meet with the subjects of an exhibit but the Be Heard series, which has grown out of our special collecting initiatives – LGBT, Latino and […]

Let the Light Shine Through

Every summer I can’t help but pour over every image from the William F. Gingrich Lantern Slide collection. These 1920s images in the Dunes area of northern Indiana scream lakeside vacation and look idyllic, even magical. It turns out that lantern slides were popular ways to teach and were a form of entertainment called Magic […]

Hot Off the Press – Two-Moon Journey

In our newest title for fourth through sixth graders – and beyond – author Peggy King Anderson tells the story of the Potawatomi removal from the perspective of young Simu-quah. Her story is full of tragedy but also of love and eventually forgiveness. Peggy Anderson took the time to answer a few questions about her […]

Archives March Madness

Is your bracket still intact? No, not the one you’re thinking of – it’s Archives March Madness here at IHS. We had staff members choose their favorite image in our collections. And this is no small task – we have more than 2 million in our collections and thousands of those are digitized for everyone to […]