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Eva’s Purpose and Legacy

Below are the remarks by Dr. Alex Kor, son of Eva Kor, on March 10, 2022. Dr. Kor spoke at a special event at the Indiana Historical Society to celebrate the opening of IHS’s newest exhibits — Eva Kor from Auschwitz to Indiana and Dimensions in Testimony. Both exhibits run through January 2024. Good evening! […]

History on Wheels – Diversity and a Common Thread

With all the staying-at-home recently, I’ve had time to reflect on my travels the past three years with our History on Wheels traveling exhibit. History on Wheels is a custom trailer with nearly 1,000 square feet of exhibit space. We travel to festivals, fairs, schools and other special events to share Indiana’s rich automotive heritage […]

Our Fair Expert Weighs In

It’s Indiana State Fair time, which means it’s time for the Indiana History Train! Since I manage the Train, I spend a LOT of time at the Fair. I was told it was selfish for me to keep all my tips and favorites to myself – so here goes! Some of these are basics, bust […]

The Other Side of FDR

History Matters is a blog series where we’ll be talking about the things you’re not supposed to discuss at the dinner table – things that may make some people uncomfortable. These pieces of our history are there if you look but might not be top of mind or in a textbook. We often think of history on a larger scale, […]

Meeting Fred Maravilla

Yesterday, I had the immense pleasure to meet one of the people featured in our exhibit Be Heard: Latino Experiences in Indiana, open through Saturday, Nov. 3. We rarely get the opportunity to meet with the subjects of an exhibit but the Be Heard series, which has grown out of our special collecting initiatives – LGBT, Latino and […]

When History Isn’t What You Expect

Not so long ago, in a place that?s not so far away, 3,000 Italians found themselves in a prisoner of war camp at Camp Atterbury. In 1943, Italian soldiers captured in North Africa got sent to various POW camps across the United States. A large group of them arrived in Indiana beginning April 30. These […]