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Cedar Lake Historical Association Uses Heritage Support Grants to Grow, Expand Mission

This post is based on an interview between Bryce Gorman, fundraising educator for Local History Services, and Julie Zasada, executive director of the Cedar Lake Historical Association for 13 years. Through the hard work of Julie and her board, CLHA has received eight Heritage Support Grants. Heritage Support Grants, made possible by Lilly Endowment, Inc., […]

What happens when you donate to a museum’s annual fund?

It’s that time of year again; cooler days, longer nights, an electric stirring to the air as plans are made … and a whole USPS truck of solicitations stuffed in your mailbox. These mailings often use terms like “where most needed,” “organizational priorities,” or “greatest need.” Phrases like these are ways nonprofits traditionally refer to […]

Why Museums Collect Historical Items

Museums collect items for a variety of reasons. Some museums collect items for their artistic value or cultural influence. Others take items into the collection that tell historical stories and provide historical context. Museums also collect items, whether objects, photographs, books or manuscripts, to preserve the past. These items are used to educate others through […]

The Economic Impact of Museums

If we were to poll a random cluster of people with the question “What’s the benefit of having a museum,” what do you think the response would be? Many answers would include words like “cultural asset,” “shared heritage” or “educational opportunities.” It is less likely that people would mention the economic benefits of a museum. […]

Preservation Never Ends

Each May, historical societies, museums, preservation organizations, archives and libraries celebrate Preservation Month. We use the month to highlight collections and building preservation issues, focus on our efforts to preserve the physical evidence of our histories and share preservation successes. It’s a chance for us to open the doors of our institutions and shine a […]

What Kind of Ancestor Will You Be?

This is part of our Midwestern Roots blog series, where we’ll be sharing exciting sneak peeks and information about the conference. Midwestern Roots Family History and Genealogy Conferencewill take place July 19 and 20 with preconference workshops on July 18. Find out more about Midwestern Roots and all the local and nationally-renowned speakers we have lined up […]