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All In Your Family

Many families are like mine, with stacks of heirlooms and photographs dating back multiple generations scattered about different relatives’ homes, along with numerous family artifacts. After two years of experience with National History Day and the Indiana Historical Society, I began to wonder, “What is my history? What is the interwoven story of my family?” […]

When a Project Turns into Advocacy

In the midst of National History Day in Indiana contests and preparations for the national contest, it can be hard to remember that winning isn’t everything. While it is great to earn a medal for their projects, I remind students that the skills they learn through creating a project are the most important part of […]

Ordinary Hoosier, Extraordinary Sacrifice

I grabbed a handful of Omaha Beach sand from the bucket and with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes and rubbed the dark particles into the name on the cross. Joseph M. Jordan, E Company, 506th Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, Indiana, June 6th, 1944 My student and I gently cleaned […]

NHD 2016: Getting Started

My students are about eight weeks into the research process by the time you are reading this. I have spaced out our NHD lessons quite a bit. So far we have only had six lessons, so do not despair if you have not started yet. In fact, this is the only year I have ever […]

NHD 2016: It’s Here

It is real. Here we go. Another academic year is in full swing. Students are settled into routine and I am throwing a wrench into the works with a new project? National History Day. Thing is, they?re excited. They?re ready to tell the story of someone Taking a Stand, this year?s project theme. I have […]

2014 NHDI North District Contest Wrapup

As snow came through Central Indiana once again last Friday afternoon, a core team of History Day staffers departed the warm hearth of the History Center to head to the Great White North of Notre Dame, Ind., for the first district contest of the season. The contest was held at St. Mary’s College on Saturday, […]

You Watched the Spelling Bee, Now Watch NHD

Did anyone else catch the Scripp’s Spelling Bee on ESPN last week? My wife and I caught the last half of the final contest, and since we both work with kids of varying ages, we love watching the personalities and “quirks” of the students. I was also impressed that ESPN, the “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” […]

A Reintroduction to National History Day (in Indiana)

In her call for improving history education in the US, Cathy Gorn, executive director of National History Day argues, The media, policy makers, and pundits are quick to point out the negative and report on what is not working. But where are the discussions on the demand for evidence-based, wide-ranging, effective, innovative approaches to teaching […]

Last Minute Tips for Your National History Day Entry

So, National History Day contests are right around the corner and your project finally looks like it is all coming together. You’ve fought through paper cuts, delusional partners, sabotaging pets and other distractions. Your board stands up without duct tape, your bibliography is annotated, and your process paper is written. Now that you are seeing […]

Win Scholarship Money to Indiana University at the NHDI State Contest!

Hot from the Development Office: The Cole Porter Scholarship for Indiana Musical Heritage Indiana?s past is filled with the stories of musical legends. From the jazz clubs of old Indiana Avenue to the contributions of greats like Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmichael, Indiana?s singers, songwriters and composers have made incredible contributions to the American music […]