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Books for Your Classroom

IHS Press youth titles
IHS Press youth titles

Find what you need online by grade level. Educators always get a 25% discount at and at the Basile History Market at the History Center.

Find out more about IHS Press e-books, available in several formats, here.

Grades 4 through 6

Historical Fiction

Portia Howe Sperry and Lois Donaldson
Story of 1830s pioneers who moved to Brown County
$8.95 paperback
Free Teachers Guide

Alone: The Journey of the Boy Sims
Alan K. Garinger
Adventures with slaves, Indians and pioneers on Northern Indiana’s frontier
$15.95 hardcover; $7.95 paperback
Free Teachers Guide

By Freedom’s Light
Elizabeth O’Maley
Underground Railroad story in Central Indiana with Levi and Catharine Coffin
$15.95 hardcover; $7.95 paperback
Free Teachers Guide

Mary Blair Immel
Boy kidnapped during Civil War and imprisoned at Camp Morton, Indianapolis
$15.95 hardcover; $6.95 paperback
Free Teachers Guide

Casper and Catherine Move to America: An Immigrant Family’s Adventures, 1849–1850
Brian Hasler and Angela Gouge
Immigration story with sections on oral history and genealogy
$17.95 hardcover
Free Teachers Guide

Two-Moon Journey: The Potawatomi Trail of Death
Peggy King Anderson
Girl and her family moved from their village at Twin Lakes to beyond the Mississippi River in Kansas on what is now called the Potawatomi Trail of Death
$16.95 hardcover; $8.95 paperback

Grades 7 through 12

Supplement your classroom reading with books from IHS Press. You can find historical fiction, nonfiction and youth biographies to go along with almost any unit. Many of these titles include a free teachers guide and are available in multiple e-book formats.

Capture your students’ imaginations with The Carter Journals: Time Travels in Early U.S. History, take them back to the Old Northwest in Bones on the Ground, introduce them to women’s rights and peace activist May Wright Sewall in Fighting for Equality, and show them who shaped the Hoosier state in Indiana’s 200.

Educators always receive a 25% discount in the Basile History Market at the History Center on

Historical Fiction

The Carter Journals: Time Travels in Early U.S. History
Shane Phipps
Stories from Revolutionary War to Civil War; British colonies to Indiana statehood
$19.95 hardcover; $9.95 paperback; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)
Free Teachers Guide

Yours: The Civil War, a Love Triangle, and the Steamboat Sultana
Lila Jeanne Elliott Sybesma
Follow three friends as they navigate the Civil War and meet again on the Sultana in this young adult historical novel.
$8.95 paperback


Bones on the Ground
Elizabeth O’Maley
Stories of Old Northwest Indians from different perspectives
$16.95 hardcover; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)

Home Before the Raven Caws: The Mystery of a Totem Pole
Richard D. Feldman
Primer on totem poles that solves mystery of totem pole found in Indianapolis
$15.95 paperback; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)

Hoosiers and the American Story
James H. Madison and Lee Ann Sandweiss
Supplemental text for American history focusing on Indiana’s stories
$19.95 hardcover (free to qualified students and teachers); $9.95 e-book (Adobe Digital Editions PDF)
Student/Teachers Guide included in book

Indianapolis: A City of Immigrants
M. Teresa Baer
Immigration history of Central Indiana, 1800 to present
$11.99 paperback (free to qualified educators); Free PDF e-book.
Free Teachers Guide

Spinning Through Clouds: Tales from an Early Hoosier Aviator
Max E. Knight
Stories of early days of flying and state and national aviation history
$19.95 paperback
Free Teachers Guide

Youth Biographies

A Belief in Providence: A Life of Saint Theodora Guérin
Julie Young
Life of Indiana’s first saint, founder of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
$17.95 hardcover

Fighter Pilot: The World War II Career of Alex Vraciu
Ray E. Boomhower
Story of Hoosier Navy pilot during World War II
$17.95 hardcover
Free Teachers Guide

Fighting for Equality: A Life of May Wright Sewall
Ray E. Boomhower
Life of educator and women’s rights and peace activist
$17.95 hardcover
Free Teachers Guide

Going Over All the Hurdles: A Life of Oatess Archey
John A. Beineke
Career of first Africa-American sheriff in Grant County, Indiana
$17.95 hardcover
Free Teachers Guide

Hardwood Glory: A Life of John Wooden
Barbara Olenyik Morrow
Career of the legendary basketball coach from Martinsville
$17.95 hardcover; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)

Hoosier Public Enemy: A Life of John Dillinger
John A. Beinecke
Biography of America’s notorious outlaw of the 1930s from Central Indiana
$17.95 hardcover; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)

Mr. President: A Life of Benjamin Harrison
Ray E. Boomhower
Biography of the 23rd president, Benjamin Harrison.
$19.95 hardcover

Nature’s Storyteller: The Life of Gene Stratton-Porter
Barbara Olenyik Morrow
Life of conservationist, author and photographer from Wabash County
$17.95 hardcover
Free Teachers Guide

Paint and Canvas: A Life of T.C. Steele
Rachel Berenson Perry
Life of artist from Waveland who led development of Midwestern art$17.95 hardcover; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)
Free Teachers Guide

The Quiet Hero: A Life of Ryan White
Nelson Price
Life of Kokomo teen who contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion
$17.95 hardcover, $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)

The Soldier’s Friend: A Life of Ernie Pyle
Ray E. Boomhower
Life of legendary reporter of average soldiers during World War II
$17.95 hardcover
Free Teachers Guide

The Sword and the Pen: A Life of Lew Wallace
Ray E. Boomhower
Life of Hoosier author, lawyer, state senator, general, territorial governor and diplomat
$17.95 hardcover
Free Teachers Guide

Classroom References

Finding Indiana Ancestors: A Guide to Historical Research
M. Teresa Baer and Geneil Breeze, editors
Research Indiana in attics ad archives through interviews and documents
$29.95 paperback

The Governors of Indiana
Linda C. Gugin and James E. St. Clair, editors
Biographical directory of Indiana’s executive leaders from 1801 to 2006
$34.95 hardcover

Indiana’s 200: The People Who Shaped the Hoosier State
Linda C. Gugin and James E. St. Clair, editors
A collection of biographical essays recognizing people who made enduring contributions to Indiana’s 200-year history
$39.95 hardcover

Grades 9 through 12

Indiana history is an integral part of U.S. history. Integrate local stories in to your classroom and connect your students to the past with biographies of astronaut Gus Grissom in Gus Grissom: The Lost Astronaut and ethnic history with titles focusing on Irish heritage, black history, Latino history and more.

Educators always receive a 25% discount in the Basile History Market at the History Center on


Gus Grissom: The Lost Astronaut
Ray E. Boomhower
Life of Indiana’s pioneer space explorer, one of NASA’s first seven astronauts
$19.95 hardcover

Jonathan Jennings: Indiana’s First Governor
Randy K. Mills
Biography of the first Indiana governor and four-term congressman
$19.95 hardcover

Meredith Nicholson: A Writing Life
Ralph D. Gray
Career of Hoosier author and diplomat from Indiana’s golden age of literature
$19.95 hardcover; $14.95 e-book (multiple formats)
Free Teachers Guide

Ethnic History

Hoosier Latinos: A Century of Struggle, Service and Success
Nicole Martinez-LeGrand and Daniel Gonzales
Using oral history and archival records, this book recognizes the impressive lineage of Latinos in Indiana across time and space. $24.95
Free Lesson Plans

Indiana’s African American Heritage: Essays from Black History News and Notes
Wilma L. Gibbs, editor
Hoosier African-American history as told in Black History News and Notes from 1979–1993
$16.95 paperback
Free Lesson Plans

Asian American Voices in Indiana
Nicole Martinez-LeGrand and Daniel Gonzales
Each chapter describes a group’s migrations story, settlement experiences, career choices and cultural institutions.
$24.95, paperback
Free Lesson Plans

The Irish
William W. Giffin
Indiana’s Irish from the 170ss through the present day
$13.95 paperback

Maria’s Journey
Ramón Arredondo and Trisha (Hull) Arredondo
Immigration story of Mexican American family from East Chicago, Indiana
$19.95 paperback; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)

The Miami Indians of Indiana: A Persistent People, 1654–1994
Stewart Rafert
History of Indiana’s Native Americans of Northern Indiana, the Eastern Miami
$16.95 paperback

Murder in Their Hearts: The Fall Creek Massacre
David Thomas Murphy
Story of murder of Indians by Hoosier settlers, the first to be brought to justice
$13.95 paperback; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)

Peopling Indiana: The Ethnic Experience
Robert M. Taylor Jr. and Connie A. McBirney, editors
Stories of more than 50 ethnic groups that became Hoosiers
$49.95 hardcover


Educators always receive a 25% discount at the Basile History Market in the History Center and our online shop.

Grades 4 through 12

Indiana, 1700–1851: Native Americans to the National Road
Sanders Group and IHS
Four historical documentaries on Indiana history with teachers guides
134 minutes

Grades 7 through 12

Ernie Pyle’s War: A Documentary on Ernie Pyle, World War II Correspondent
Todd Gould, WFYI Productions, and IHS
30 minutes

The Life of Lincoln: Video and Interactive Group Learning Tools
Sanders Group and IHS
Historical documentary of Abraham Lincoln’s life with teachers guide
50 minutes

Out of the Shadows: Portraits of Historic Women Artists
Lisa DeHayes, WFYI Productions, and IHS
Historical documentary on lives of Hoosier women artists, early 20th century44 minutes

Well Done, Indiana: Tales of the Tragedies and Triumphs of Indiana and the Civil War
Todd Gould, WFYI Productions, and IHS
Historical documentary of four stories of Indiana’s Civil War contributions
29 minutes

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