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House Hunting Through the Collection

Have you ever spent time casually browsing real estate listings? Me too! There’s nothing better than blissfully scrolling through listings of beautiful mansions, mid-century modern ranches, lake-side cottages, and charming American Tudor-style houses. The fun part of browsing is that there is no need to stick to a budget or even to a location. You […]

Registration Open for 2022 Midwestern Roots Genealogy Conference

Registration is now open for the 2022 Midwestern Roots research conference presented by the Indiana Historical Society (IHS), taking place Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16, with a pre-conference on Thursday, July 14, at Indianapolis Marriott East, located at 7202 E. 21st Street. Midwestern Roots aims to connect people to their family story with […]

My Favorite Things – The Charles Wright Milhous Collection

It seems an appropriate time to revisit a past blog theme, ‘My Favorite Things,’ featuring a slightly subjective look at one of the Indiana Historical Society’s collection acquisitions holding some significance from a curatorial perspective. There are numerous prospective examples from which I could cull interesting stories, but a visual gift from several years past […]

Donations — One Year Later

Early last summer, I wrote a blog outlining some of the basics about contributing historical materials to the Indiana Historical Society (Thinking About a Donation to IHS? These Guidelines Will Help). After reflecting on a time unlike any other and marked by a period accentuating the highest number of prospective donor contacts and acquisitions we’ve […]

Indiana Students Receive Special Awards, Honors at National History Day Contest

The Indiana Historical Society (IHS) proudly announces several Indiana students received special awards at the National Contest for the National History Day (NHD) program held virtually from June 13-19. The prizes were announced during a virtual ceremony June 19 at University of Maryland, College Park. The 2021 National Contest virtually hosted almost 3,000 students across […]

Alex Vraciu and the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot

Early in the morning on June 19, 1944, a Japanese fleet under the command of Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa launched the first of four waves of attackers against the aircraft carriers of Admiral Marc Mitscher’s task force protecting American forces battling the enemy on Saipan in the Mariana Islands. The American admiral stood ready; he positioned […]

An Examined Life: The John Mutz Story

How does a historian whose work focused on those “boring railroad presidents” end up collaborating on a memoir of a living Hoosier businessman, philanthropist, and politician? Some would say the answer was dumb luck. Others would argue it was fate. But it surely was both memorable and invaluable to my development as a historian, writer, […]

A Passage to Indiana…But to Freedom?

Two years ago, the Indiana Historical Society received an unusual and distinctly unsettling gift. The real story would count among my favorites for compelling, compassionate reasons and among my bleakest for the all-too-obviously unresolved hurt and human degradation linked to its history. At the core of the acquisition: a travel document, legally required for an […]

Independence Days in America

While we typically associate Independence Day with the Fourth of July and America declaring  independence from Great Britain, all over Indiana there are various Independence Day celebrations throughout the year that celebrate the independence of many different countries. Here at the Indiana Historical Society, our collections have documentation for a variety of different cultures celebrating […]